"...superbly written...highly recommended reading."

James Cox, Midwest Book Review

"...well done...a complicated story told with precision."

Jo Hollier, Williamson County, TX Sun

"...down to earth...wonderful...It kept me riveted to the end..."

Rian Montgomery, ChickLitBooks.com

"...a grand illustration of love and forgiveness...recommended..."

Craig Hart

"...absolutely wonderful...very impressive..."

Michelle Bates, Minden, LA Press-Herald

"...enjoyable...well written...refreshing..."

Faye Dasen, The Sandhills, NC Pilot.com

"...intelligence, wit, and charm..."


"...characters are easy to like ...strong plotline...a decent, light-hearted inspirational romance..."

Angela McQuay, Curled Up With A Good Book.com

"Forgiveness, grace, love, and courage are highlighted...It is a story of...accepting and practicing God's love and forgiveness...."

Linda Mae Baldwin, The Road To Romance

Melissa Leedom has jumped right to the top along with the multiple-book authors with this her first Christian romance novel. I didn't want to put it down! I hung on each chapter eagerly anticipating what would happen next. Her character development was all too real in church life. I can hardly wait for the next book!

Charlotte Watson
Minister of Missions/Member Assimilation
First Baptist Church, Georgetown, TX
Author of 100+ Ways to Be Involved in Missions

To Forgive, Divine is a fun read. Melissa really knows the dynamics of a congregation. I highly recommend it!

Peggy Groseclose
Senior Associate Minister (Ret.)
Bel Air United Methodist Church, Bel Air, MD

Melissa's characters face real struggles to live out their Christianity and keep their faith intact. I read til 4 A.M. because I had to see how it ended. This book is wonderful!

Barbara McNeir
former Minister of Single Adults
Columbia Baptist Church, Falls Church, VA

I have just finished your book, and pray that it gets a wide reading. It is well done, and I appreciate the message on forgiveness plus the wonderful tale. My guess would be, if I did not know it for a fact, that you have been involved in Baptist church life. I will encourage all three of my daughters to read it - wishing that my oldest could have read it, too. I like Jeff Wells, and appreciate your naming him for me.

Frank Wells, Th.D.
Former Missionary to Indonesia
Former Pastor, First Baptist Church, Enterprise, AL
Former Interim Pastor, First Baptist Church, Dothan, AL

I have read your book and it was a blessing. I wanted you to know that I have recommended to all the Texas Baptist Camp managers that they carry To Forgive, Divine in their gift/bookstores.

My wife and I are praying God's best for you as you serve Him.

W.L. "Red" Colquitt
Camp Consultant
Baptist General Convention of Texas

Letters from Readers

I want to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed reading To Forgive, Divine, and I look forward to reading it again and also to sharing it. It's one of those WOW books!

Mary M.
Austin, TX

I purchased your book and have read it twice. It is a wonderful story and you certainly brought out the 'real' people in each character. I have either known someone like them, or have found myself acting along the same lines.

June S.

I enjoyed your book, To Forgive, Divine. It was a perfect summer read for me. I plan to give a copy to my mother-in-law for Christmas.
Keep me posted if you write any more.

Joan W.
Killeen, TX

I finished reading your book last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. I am still amazed at how someone can write a book, but I am very thankful that the Lord has given folks like you such talent, as I surely do enjoy reading. I hope that you will continue to write. I will be sharing To Forgive, Divine with other friends that also enjoy reading.

Susan Canady
IMB Missionary to Honduras

I finished your book and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I liked the characters and how kind and loving they were to each other (Clara excepted). We all need more of that kind of modeling in our lives. I can't help but feel that there must be much of you in Bonnie.

Jim Comer
Author, When Roles Reverse

I took your book with me to read, as I was to be away from home from a couple of days.

Bad move!!!!! Once I started it, I couldn't put it down - read until 3:30 AM and finished it first night!!!!

Great book - so realistic and, as a pastor for 30 years, I could relate to the chain of events and to "Clara." I am not sure there is a church without one!!! Thanks, too, for showing the Pastor as a real person with real emotions and the ability to err from time to time. It was nice not to see him on a pedestal, but also to see him as a man's man - not some effeminate tea-sipping white collared incompetent.

It was a great read and I appreciate the insights that are woven through the story, especially a glimpse into the life of a single-again person's feelings, etc. Please let us know when your next book is coming out.

Rev. Eric McGrath (Ret.)

An impressive piece of writing! I also loved that you naturally presented a clear explanation of the Gospel within the progression of the story and how we can be aware that God loves us and is seeking out each of us and is actively and personally at work within our individual lives.

Bonnie E.
McAllen, TX

Just finished reading your book. It was wonderful! Shows how prone we are to avoid applying the principles Jesus taught us in scripture and how our own pride and stubbornness bring only heartache and grief in our lives. After spending a couple of days with Bonnie and Jeff and the other characters, I hated to see it end. Perhaps a sequel is in the making, huh?

Catherine L.
Rockmart, GA

It is a GREAT book. Once I started reading it, I found it very hard to put it down. I read in between music students, while we were out in the car and my husband would be driving. He laughed and said do you want me to drive slower so that you can finish? Tonight I finished! WOW!. I really enjoyed it and found myself caught up with the characters.

I do hope that you plan some sequels.

Marjorie B.
Round Rock, TX

Wow. Your book is really something! I think it would make a good movie!

This is a book that would interest non-Christians, because it's real. It shows Christians as normal people with normal problems who just happen to have an intimate relationship with God to get them through.

Cynthia Rankin
Bel Air, MD

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your book. It was recommended by Joe, who goes to my church, and he did me a favor by doing so.

Chip D.
Georgetown, TX

Your book was a delight. I couldn't put it down once I got started. Read it in two days. Left the book with my daughter to read, and she had already read two chapters. I could just imagine all the characters in the book in our church.

Jeannie N.
Austin, TX

I just finished reading your book last night. I have to say that I read it in two sittings. It was very uplifting. It shows that there can be life after tragedy if one is willing to open themselves up to new possibilities. It drove home the point that we all can listen to the same message and take away something quite different. I honestly felt sorry for Clara [the antagonist of the story] that she could not find the same kindness in her heart that Carolyn found after listening to the same message!

Barb P.
Austin, TX

Your book is wonderful. Your characters are so well-defined - I could picture each one of them. From Bonnie's mix of shyness and courage to Clara, whom I can see just shaking with righteous indignation. It is said that we write what we know, and it's almost as if you know the people of Chandler City, Georgia, intimately.

You've also captured the flavor of small town life, peopled with those that can be found in most every community - the good and the bad/misguided.

Lastly, what a joy to read a book and know that I'm not going to run into gutter language or situations. It isn't often that one finds that these days.

June V.
Austin, TX

It was nice meeting you at the Marble Falls conference. I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed reading To Forgive, Divine! Enjoyed the story line and the characters. Do you have any others? The picture on the book cover was a "grabber" for me! Still have not made the recipes yet--will sometime. Thanks!

Sincerely, Rhoni Harris

I have just finished reading your book again. To Forgive, Divine is so true to life. You tell the truth so magnificently. This book is a must read for all ages.

Delta W.,
Taylor, TX

Hi there,

You don't know me, but I wanted to write you to tell you thank you. Please let me explain:

I was sitting home one day when my husband called me from Hastings to tell me that there was a Christian writer signing her book and asked if I would be interested in reading To Forgive, Divine?

When I told him to get it for me, I never expected a book that was as wonderful as yours. I have been reading Christian novels for a couple of years now. There have been many I have enjoyed, but only a few that I couldn't put down. Yours was definitely one I couldn't put down.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful writing with the rest of us. Your book was very touching, and I am very disappointed that it's over already, so I really hope you will have another one coming out soon.

Good luck and God bless you.

Kendra Newell

Hi Ms. Leedom,

I just finished your book To Forgive, Divine and I LOVED it! Please tell me you have written, or are writing, other books.

I am very anxious to share your book with family and friends.

I will be checking the web to see if you have written anything else. You have a great gift!

Again, I really enjoyed your novel, and I know others I share it with will too!

Sue Nielsen
Spicewood, TX

What a great book! I couldn't put it down! I have read many books by Janette Oke and Francine Rivers and would rank Melissa Leedom's book right up there with these other great fiction writers. I especially liked her including the plan of salvation as a very natural part of the conversation in the narrative. I'm looking forward to the next one!

Jan Brown
Williamson County Christian Women's Club
Stonecroft Ministries
Georgetown, TX

Awesome book! I loved it!

Terri Johnson
New Orleans, LA

Have you read To Forgive, Divine? I'd love to post your comments! You can email them to me at forgive490@yahoo.com or drop me a line at To Forgive, Divine, P.O. Box 1884, Georgetown, TX 78627. I look forward to hearing from you!