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Let your money go for GOOD use! Research before you give!

See Also: Charitable Giving Scam Alert

Give for Hurricane Harvey, Florence, Michael and Dorianrelief

Are you unwittingly funding abortion? (See "Charity Watch")

Knitting on the Net

Help the Children of Burma/Myanmar - Donations may be sent to Love for Myanmar 305 Ten Oaks Drive Georgetown, TX 78633 OR you can make an online donation.

Crestview Baptist Church - Check out the downloadable weekly sermons! Can't make it to Sunday School? Listen to the great lessons by Jack Phelps in the Sanctuary Sunday School Class! Jack did excellent studies of the books of Psalms, Hebrews, John and Revelation and the letters of Paul; you can still listen to those lessons in the Lesson Archives. For more information on the Bible, click on "The Story of the Bible."

Gideons International