The End of the Story

No matter what trials we may face as part of being a follower of Jesus, we have the very great assurance of knowing that God is in control of history. He knows the end of the story, and that is always a source of comfort and joy.

The Book of Revelation

The Book of Revelation is the record of a vision given to the Apostle John when he was living in exile on the Greek island of Patmos. It may well be the most difficult book of the Bible to read. Revelation was written during a time of great persecution of followers of Jesus; many scholars believe that it may have been written in a sort of code that would have been well understood by such readers of John's day. Some believe that most, if not all, of the visions described in Revelation have already been fulfilled.

But, just as with the prophets of the Old Testament, John may also have been seeing visions of things yet to come. For instance, Satan, the source of evil in the world, is depicted as being overcome forever. Since there is still evil in the world, this prophecy has yet to be fulfilled.

Even though it is hard to understand some of the symbolism and imagery in Revelation, you should read it at least once. Revelation 1:3 promises a blessing to those who read it. The Letters to the Seven Churches (Revelation 2-3) still have much to say to the modern church. And, if you have done any reading in the Old Testament prophets, you will find the similarities between the styles of writing very interesting.

If we read nothing else in Revelation, we should at least read the last chapter, chapter 22. In it, we can find great hope in what awaits us when we go to our eternal home with God.